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How we work in Primary Education


The Escola Catalunya is an accompanying educational center  students to become self-employed,responsible and critical.  Student autonomy already begins in Early Childhood Education  with the entrance relaxed  where students  in the first half hour of each morning different proposals work.

In Primary Education to continue along the same lines we work the Classroom Fabric . It is a project of the center and a space to listen to the concerns of students, their individual and collective interests. It is a time on Mondays to reflect together, to anticipate important activities of the week and to set individual and collective goals, which are then assessed on Fridays.

The school places great importance on emotional education and aims to learn to identify and express emotions and feelings, working on how to interact with the world. That is why we work on Education in social and civic values  with the project El Bosc de Lem ”.

The meaningful learning, creativity, cooperation and responsibility that mark the line of work of the school is reflected in the work of the environments of free movement in Early Childhood Education and the learning boxes in Primary Education.

The heads of educational activities are globalized learning where students through experimentation and research information should be able to find and acquire knowledge independently and cooperatively. Students work more actively and participatively, being the protagonist of their learning process and with a more motivating climate within  of the area of Knowledge of the natural, social and cultural environment

The TACs  they are one  a tool  and a medium  in the different areas for the incorporation of new learnings and contents in a creative and motivating way. The school has a wide range of computers, laptops, digital whiteboards, mobile tablets and educational robotics devices. like the Albert UO, the Beebots, the Lego Wedo and the Makey Makey. In the Community of the Great ones the students have an own corporate mail of center for the work in Network. 

Within the integral personal growth, Artistic Education and Physical Education play an essential role . Therefore, it is encouraged that students enjoy these areas as much as possible with different activities, such as participation in own or external musical and dance creations (Christmas Festival, Dance Now, Cantania ..), the  visits and collaborations with museums (Design Museum, ..) and internal / external sports activities of different disciplines.

It is well known that learning in small groups favors the treatment of diversity . Hence the splits and triplets in instrumental subjects such as languages and mathematics .


A language is learned first by speaking it and then by writing it. This principle is what applies to the three languages taught in our school. And what are you talking about? We talk about the reality that surrounds us and what surrounds us, about how we feel, about how things can be in a different way, in order to develop children's critical thinking.

This pedagogical proposal has led us to work without textbooks in our school.  

The area of Mathematics is complemented by the teaching of chess , the centre's own project, and many manipulative and game activities, which we consider basic for the acquisition of mathematical thinking.

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