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Our mission

The Escola Catalunya is an educational center that accompanies students  for what they become  people ​ responsible, autonomous and critical, fostering their global growth and  giving you strategies for cooperative and creative learning.

With this mission we understand that our school must train citizens who are able to face life and the world today in the  that we live. A world, global and changing, in which students must have all those skills and competencies both social and intellectual to be able to  live in it and improve it.

Today our society demands of us to know  working as a team and learning to live with others, our school teaches students how to adapt to the different challenges that will arise daily. In addition, we must not neglect the emotional factor, as it helps students in their development by encouraging motivation, improving relationships and predisposing them to more positive attitudes.  

Happiness is a milestone, and a child who knows himself and is confident knows how to find it  this happiness. That is why in our school we train people who know how to manage and enrich their emotions.

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