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The origins ...

Our center was inaugurated on  school year 1979-80.


Since then our school has enjoyed the credibility of the prestige of the neighborhood in which we are located as a result of our pedagogical coherence and its roots in the immediate environment.


A total of approximately 2,000 students, boys and girls, have passed through our classrooms and are the best testament to the trust that families have placed in our project.


Our offer is the result of the combination of tradition, experience and efficiency with a highly qualified professional teaching staff.


The Catalonia school is signified by the general functionality and aesthetics of the building and  its facilities.  The presence of a lot of vegetation and garden areas in perfect harmony provides students with a motivating and family environment.


The spaces of our school are:  


2 sports courts.

Changing rooms for children.


Wide sidewalks and access areas.  


However, we have:

Computer room 

2  classrooms  of English  


Music classroom

Chess classroom

Special education classroom

Reception classroom a

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