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Operation of the center

               Access  i  output of  the students  

Early Childhood Education students  will enter through the access doors to the  his classroom. Families  they will accompany the boys and girls to the front door and there they will say goodbye to their families and enter their classroom. The exit will be through the same door and it will be the teachers who will warn the children to go with their families.  

All  Primary Education students  it will enter through the main door of the center gradually without making rows. Families will say goodbye to the boys and girls at the front fence. The start will be for students from 1st and 2nd through the door of the tracks and from 3rd to 6th through the main entrance, it will be the teachers who will deliver the boys and girls to their respective families.  

On rainy days, Early Childhood Education students will enter through the outer door and exit through the inner door of the classroom. The entrance of the students of Primary Education will be through the main door and the exit of students of 1st and 2nd through the door of the Fluvià Street and the boys and girls will be given by the gym, and the students of 3rd to 6th through the front door. The students of the center who have a younger brother, will go out where he leaves.


The school  will warn families of the activation of the rain plan through the  website and his twitter account @escolacatalonia 

In case you cannot come to pick up your child  and come a third person, you will have to make an authorization signed by you  with DNI and always show it to the teacher who goes out with the child.

               Family-school communication   


Interviews with the teachers of our center will be arranged through a note in the agenda to the students of Primary Education or with a note in  Childhood education.  


All  the  Tuesday from 12:30 to 13:30 on  teachers at our center have this strip to be able to  attend to families individually.  According to our plan  of action  tutorial, all  the  families will have an interview with their child's guardian at least.  

To have an interview with  some  member of  the management team must consult the schedule  of attention to the families and to arrange it through the secretariat of the center  

                           Use of the school diary

The agenda is the means of communication between family and teachers , in addition to the utensil used to write down information, delays, absences, homework or tests. It must be worn every day. It is recommended that the family review their child's agenda daily  in order to better track possible annotations of teachers or pending homework. Any statement must be made through the agenda.

                          To have breakfast

We recommend that breakfast be a sandwich or fruit, you know that all pastas and juices carry added fats and sugars, inconvenient for your children’s health.


In Early Childhood Education to bring breakfast they must bring a bag of clothes (not backpacks) with a cloth napkin all marked with their name. Every Monday they must bring a plastic cup  without handles marked with the name (permanent marker).  On Friday they will take it home to wash. Yoghurts, petit suisse, juices or water bottles cannot be brought.

The school, both Early Childhood Education  how  Education  Primary, we will  EL  DAY  DE  THE  FRUIT.   Remember  what  we participate  in the program " IN OUR SCHOOL WE EAT + FRUIT"  and the piece of fruit will be provided on Thursdays for the children as long as the Department of Agriculture makes the contribution. The teacher will indicate which fruit we will give.  

              Toys, balls and ...

Your children cannot bring toys. Any loss the school is not responsible for. The school will provide balls, ropes and rubbers  at yard time. In case you need any object to carry out an activity we will let you know in due course. Remember that shoes with wheels cannot be worn.




The school will celebrate your child's birthday internally, from this year onwards it will not be possible to bring any food product (cookies, cakes, sweets ...) to distribute to the rest of the classmates. Invitations to birthday parties will be handed out outside of school



As required by the regulations, the administration of medicines must be accompanied by the role of the doctor and the authorization of the parents. The authorization form can be found on the centre's website.





No boy or girl can come to school infected with lice or nits. If we detect a case, we will call home to pick it up. This is marked in schools by the regulations of the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya .


               School trips

Electronic devices such as cameras, mobile phones, MP3s cannot be taken to the exits ... Teachers will not be held responsible for their loss or breakdown. It should not be taken either  toys or sweets. Failure to present the annual authorization for the departures and not being up to date with the fees will mean that the student must remain at the center.


In the event that a child is unable to come to the exit due to a last minute unforeseen event, the money for the departure but not for the bus will be refunded .

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