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Educational Robotics at school


One of the strategic objectives included in the Management Project (2017 - 2021), refers to promoting the use of TACs within the teaching-learning processes to improve students' digital competence. Within this we can find that the operational objectives that will help to achieve this, refer to and work on and implement educational innovation programs including TACs as the main axis.  

For this reason, in the 2017-2018 academic year, the school has begun work on educational robotics. From school we understand educational robotics as another tool that teachers must use to bring learning closer to children. That's why, as author Linda Liukas tells us in her book "Hello Ruby. The Programming Adventure"   we share the benefits that this tool brings us:  

  • Access the contents in a different way

  • Get started, from P3 to 6th, in the programming language in a natural and playful way

  • Develop inquiry learning. Trial - error learning

  • Appreciate educational robotics as another resource for learning

  • Arouse curiosity about the world of robotics

We leave you with a small collection of everything we work with this tool in our center:   


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