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We paint our school 

Art + Education

The 2016-2017 academic year  the Catalonia School  has worked from October to May with the project “Let's paint our school. Art + Education ”

This project consists of each student, with the advice of an external artist sought by the center, painting the different spaces of their school. The aim was to enhance the artistic expression of all students and improve the sense of belonging of the whole educational community, as families have also played a very important role.

The different projects of each course are linked to each other by a contemporary dynamic of the world around us. The inspiration for the students, prior to starting the work, has been to visualize works of contemporary art and modern art by different artists such as Varini, Bansky, Kandinsky and artistic movements such as Street Art.  From here the students observe them, comment on them, analyze them and get inspired to start their artistic work.

Throughout the creation process, students are the protagonist. With , an art project created by artist Mandy Mongiovi to promote creativity and art in education, she has accompanied children to mature in their creative process and to develop their critical thinking, thus promoting self-esteem. and self-confidence. Students make decisions, collaborate, exchange ideas, relate concepts and most importantly ... MAKE A WORK OF ART OF THEIR OWN IN THEIR SCHOOL!

The families have also taken part in a very active way, painting the different spaces on a white background which their children would later turn into a fantastic work. And as it could not be less, the teaching and non-teaching staff of the center has also participated in designing a space where we have been able to paint the different values that our school wants to transmit to our students once they have finished their time at the school.


A project and an artistic look that the whole educational community of the Escola Catalònia is proud of and feels involved in. We invite you all to visit it.

Below we leave a collection of all the audiovisual material so you can see the whole creative process to make this great project.  

Betevé visits our school

Teaching staff, non-teaching staff and families

P4 students

1st grade students

3rd grade students

5th grade students

P3 students

P5 students

2nd year students

4th grade students

6th grade students

CEIP Catalonia 001
CEIP Catalonia 002
CEIP Catalonia 031
CEIP Catalonia 030
CEIP Catalonia 005
CEIP Catalonia 011
CEIP Catalonia 003
CEIP Catalonia 024
CEIP Catalonia 026
CEIP Catalonia 017
CEIP Catalonia 010
CEIP Catalonia 012
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